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I wish that I could tell you that life is one easy
street, And all my dreams have come to pass, and 
I am complete. But, Rough has been the road my 
choices led me on I have stumbled, even fallen
hard, yet, struggling, moved along.
Mistakes I've made could fill a book, there've
been some "doozzies" too. The Lord makes straight 
our crooked paths, just to get close to you. Freed 
now from guilt, and lust, and shame, you see a soul 
set free to share the truth I know, offered humbly
here, as simply as can be.
LoveIs Eternal
God Is In All The 
Details Of That

So take your shoes off, set a spell, and I hope that
you will find a thought or poem, music or rhyme to
ease your weary mind.


I hope you will leave feeling refreshed.

And that you will come back and bring your

Family and Friends!

....The door's always open....

....The "SON" light is always Shining....




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