With out You

Memories rush in to flood my mind,
The sweetness of you, you were so kind,
My earliest memory is your loving arms,
That held me so close, so safe from harm.

You worked day and night to care for your family
There was never a job offered that you didn’t agree.
Even took the children with you, to keep them from harm,
While you cleaned and cooked and helped on the farm.

The Doctors’ Westley asked you to help them by nursing,
As they traveled by buggy to farms far and near.
You developed skills that saved your last baby, and a grandson,
You were known for your skill and your kindness, so dear.

You nursed those giving birth, or when death took command.
You helped those who needed a warm gentle hand,
You were a good friend, a good neighbor to all,
If someone needed a favor, they knew just where to call.

But first, last, and always, you were my sweet Mother,
All that I will ever know, I learned at your knee~~~
My weeping heart cries, it just can’t be true,
Another Mother’s Day, I’m spending~~~

~~ With out you ~~






Composition: "You and Me"



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All Rights Reserved ~ Remember U R Loved ~  Karen Payne