From the deck of the humble home where
I lived in Carson City, Nevada, you could
see a Majestic Mountaintop, and I often
spoke of moving up there to live.

Only way in would have been by helicopter,
and no way out at all after the 20 some feet
of snow started falling. But I loved that
Mountain, So here is some of my dream.

Majestic Mountain, Magnificent Moon
Dream of my lifetime, to share them with you.
Mountaintop tall, extolling the view
Expanse of the valley, The Master's Palate pursues.

Rich colors anoint the prairie below,
Heather and wild flowers dance as breezes blow.
Afternoon's sun slides softly behind the hill,
God's Beautiful Creation gives me such a thrill.

Wild life, roaming free, inhabit this place,
To hunt or to kill would be such a disgrace.
All of God's creatures here should abide,
In Nature's embrace, with no need to hide.

Majestic Mountain, Magnificent Moon
Magical Memories~~~aborted too soon.
Oh, but to live in such a peaceful abode,
Far above the tree-line, the air crisp and cold.

© 2005 October 20



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Original Midi Music
"Heaven Of Beauty"

Composed and Sequenced
By: Jalal
Permission Granted


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