The afternoon sun is sinking low,
It's twilight time.
The heavens take on a God-light Glow,
It's twilight time.

Time to reflect on the meaning of this day,
Time to assess my every waking thought,
Time to create a moment where I may
Praise My Lord; whose Love is what I've sought.

Time to pray a simple heartfelt prayer,
Time to ask forgiveness for my sin,
Time to Thank my Lord for being there,
O, if the words would just begin,

Or are words even needed at such a time?
Or would they clutter up the feelings in my soul?
The Presence of my Lord is so sublime,
His Perfect Peace makes me feel humbly whole?

So quietly, my thoughts embrace his garment,
As I sit quietly, peacefully at his Blessed feet.
Twilight time with You, My Blessed Savior,
Is all I need to make me feel~~~complete.

The afternoon sun is sinking low,
It's Twilight time.
The heavens take on a 'God-light Glow,'
It's twilight time.

©  2005 October 12







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Twilight Time
Music by Margi Harrell



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