In An Instant

For only an instant; I looked away,
Then found that Jesus was calling my name.
I hated to leave with things left unsaid
The Lord calls your number,
Your choice has been made.

I lived my life to the full itís true
There was little in life that I didnít do
I rode bikes because they were there
The freedom found biking is beyond compare.

I was a son, a husband, a lover, a dad,
A brother, a good friend, really, thatís all I had.
But the one thing I didnít get a chance to say,
Is that I love you; and will; till you join me someday.

Remember me: with ĎJust a Bití of a grin.
Know that Iím walking with Mom and Dustin
Forty is too soon to be taken away,
Iím sure you think there is more I should say.

Yet, I know, if you live your life in true love,
The Lord waits for you, in Heaven above.
So care for each other, be gentle, be kind,
And Iím sure that in your heart you will find,

That I havenít moved so very far away,
And I will be with you day after day.
Remember me, not with tears, but a smile,
And my love, as I sit here and Ďidleí a while.

2007 April 22 ©


This Poem is dedicated to Cheri,
and to Jerry's two children that he loved so much.

Jerry Colby





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