Happy May Basket Day

Colored construction paper; folded just so,
And tied up with a fancy bow.
Four tiny spaces full of tasty treats.
Home-made candy, popcorn, surprises so neat.

Brought to your home, the door bell rings,
And I take off flying as if I had wings.
I can't let you catch me, because if you can,
You can give me a kiss, so I really ran~~~

But I tired more quickly than I thought I would.
So you caught and kissed me ~ and that was so good!
Now I'm rushing home to wait right beside my door,
So I can kiss you back, cuz it's you I adore.

These were the May Basket Day's of my youth.
If I had just one wish, I would tell you the truth.
Take me back in time to those days long ago,
Kiss my cheek once more, for I still love you so!










Music "Merry Merry Month"
Sequenced by: Gramdpa  Schober
Used With Permission


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