Lady so sure of her place in the world.
Her destiny planned for all to see,
Not one hair out of place,
Strangely, beautiful of face,
Lady so sure, she must be!

Lady so sure, what's the secret
You are hiding behind your sweet smile?
Sophistication, complete,
The whole world at your feet,
How do you so strangely beguile?

Lady so sure, how I love you.
I'd lay down my life for your hand.
Please grant me your grace,
Watch the joy in my face
As you walk me to my promised land.

Lady so sure, now I know all
The secrets you hold in your heart.
'Twas Jesus you adored,
It's HIS Glow you afford,
Love light shines through
Your soul from the start.

Now I will follow for ever,
My heartthrob, my Lady so sure.
Till the very end of time,
I'm so glad that I'm
So in love with my Lady so sure.

2007, February 28











Song: "From Where I Am" Courtesy of  "Dolphin Dream's Quietude"






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