Love is softly calling,
Memories flood my mind,
Moments watching as you sleep,
Peacefully, hoping you will find.

Comfort, from the pain you suffer,
Hope, for a brighter day,
Love, that my heart has for you
That will never fade away.

Love is softly calling,
Wrapped in your arms, I would stay,
To feel your lips; your breath on my skin,
Oh, the memories, my heart won't betray.

Love is softly calling,
I listen; once again I can see
The love in your eyes that last moment
When you looked directly at me.

Love is softly calling,
I will wait till that day we can be,
Together, forever, my darling,
Keep your love softly calling me.

2007, February 09











Song: "My Heart Will Go On" Courtesy of  "Dolphin Dream's Quietude"



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