Under the flickering candle's glow,
I try to find the words to let you know,
That what once was my hearts desire
No longer sets my soul on fire.

What happened to make our happiness
A scornful mockery is anyone's guess.
Some how, some where along the way
We lost the love we thought would always stay.

And yet, I hate more than you will ever know
The thought of letting that passion go.
You captured my heart with one loving glance
That kindled into our loving romance.

But then you set the captive free,
I've moved away from you now,
yet you will always be
A memory, a song, a different rhyme,
A moment caught in a space and time.

Can you understand? Can you feel my pain?
Can you see I had so much to lose,
and so little to gain?
Why does this candle still burn on longer
Than the words can explain: why Love is Gone?

© 2005 October 24


The Music Of © M. C. Shelly
"Except To Stop Loving You"
Written, and Performed
By: M. C. Shelly ©
Used With Permission


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